OPRA Committees

OPRA  committees and workgroups are established to convene members around central themes, service types, or member staff functions. Participation provides Members the opportunity to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge to advance the collective mission and improve the group's advantage.  


Each committee has an OPRA Member as the chair of the committee and is supported by an OPRA Staff member. Committees are open to all staff of OPRA Members. For committees structured around a staff function like Human Resources, you do not need to have an HR title to participate in the committee. 

You can find meeting agendas, minutes, handouts, meeting webinar log-in information, and committee specific discussions by clicking on the "View Committee Forum" button below. By clicking on the committee, you will also find a place to submit a discussion question or topic, submit a meeting agenda topic, or share helpful resources with the committee.  

Day Array

Chairs: Anne Hanning, Belco Works and Rich Patterson, Nick Amster, Inc.

Day Array is designed for top organizational leadership and other top management positions. Topics covered in the Day Services Leadership meetings may include, but are not limited to, organizational strategic planning, national and state trends, shifting organizational culture, best practices in organizational leadership, operating fiscally sound organizations, and identifying and mitigating organizational risk. The committee routinely receives updates from DODD, OOD, and OACB leadership.

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Day Services

Chairs: Julie Abiecunas, Koinonia and Greg Ferrall, Auglaize Industries

The Day Services Workgroup focuses on best practices and trends in day support for adults with developmental disabilities. The committee offers training and updates from the state on adult day supports and community integration for DODD providers.

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Employment Services

Chairs: Justin Blumhorst, Capabilities, Inc. and Paul Soprano, UCP of Greater Cleveland

Employment Services focuses on providing employment services. The committee discusses best practices and trends in employment for people with developmental disabilities. We provide training and updates on community employment services from both DODD and OOD.

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Facility Free Workgroup

Chair: Jenna Allen, New Avenues to Independence

The Facility Free Workgroup is an ad hoc workgroup designed for organizations providing, or thinking about providing, day array services 100% in the community and without a facility or hub. This committee provides a platform for information sharing, networking, deliberating, and problem-solving topics and issues unique to providing services completely outside of a set building. Services are completely integrated in the community. Policy recommendations from this workgroup are taken to the Day Array committee for review.

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Chair: Shelly Wharton, The Society

The Healthcare Committee focuses on healthcare services for individuals with developmental disabilities. The committee reviews rules and regulations on nursing services in the waiver and ICF settings, rules and regulations that affect the DD nursing community, training, education, and best practices. The committee also hosts presenters from DODD and other system partners on improving health services and outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Human Resources

Chair: Patty Schlosser, Manahan

The HR Committee examines best practices in HR, the recruiting, hiring, and training process, and monitoring upcoming new regulations that affect employment law and/or training requirements.

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Chairs: Kurt Miller, Empowering People and Bob Heinzerling, Heinzerling Community

The ICF Committee examines issues that have a direct impact on the programs and services provided to individuals in Intermediate Care Facilities. The Committee is used to disseminate information, provide updates and training, and elicit feedback on important issues related to ICFs.

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Chair: Diane Beastrom, Koinonia and Scott DeLong, CRSI

The Policy Committee focuses on proposing and reviewing policy issues affecting any aspect of the DD service system, including regulatory and legislative changes. The committee reviews issues brought forth by other OPRA committees and individual OPRA Members. Issues are researched and discussed by the committee and then the committee makes recommendations to OPRA's Board of Directors for OPRA's official position on an issue.

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Residential Waiver

Chair: Jamie Steele, OVRS, Inc.

The Residential Waiver Committee examines issues and best practices specific to residential services under the IO, Level 1, and SELF waiver. The committee may discuss policy issues and solutions, programmatic implementation of changing regulations, and building sustainable residential service models.

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