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HHS Announces 3 Tranche of Provider Relief Fund

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced today a third phase of the Provider Relief Fund. This new tranche will distribute another $20 billion to Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, behavioral health, and substance abuse providers. The application for funds during this phase will open October 5th and close November 6th.

Both providers who have not already received a distribution from the funds and those who have are eligible to apply this round. If you have not received money from the Provider Relief Fund, you will receive the standard 2% of patient care that was established in the second phase.  

If you are a provider that already received a distribution from the Provider Relief Funds, you will receive an additional payment that will be determined by the number of providers who apply and a consideration of various factors about each provider’s revenue and costs.

There is a webcast scheduled for October 15th at 3pm that will detail the new PRF phase and the requirements. You can sign up for it here.  

If you applied and received funding previously, you are eligible to apply again. Although there is a caveat- HHS says “Providers should apply if they have lost revenues and/or increased expenses attributable to COVID-19 that have not been reimbursed by other sources.” 

The application form for this release of funds has changed!  So, if you previously applied for the fund and want to apply again, you will need to submit a new application. View the application instructions here and a copy of the application here. You will need to submit the actual application through the application portal. Similarly, you will also need to go through the TIN validation again before submitting the new application. If your TIN is already on file, it should validate automatically.

You can find more information and apply for the new phase here.


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