Program and Training Coordinator

Muskingum Residentials, Inc.- MRI

Organization Description:  

MRI is a not for profit agency that services people in 4 licensed homes in Zanesville Ohio. We provide HPC, NMT, and Respite Services. I am focused on people having choices in their and guiding their Team with a strong emphasis on Person Centered Practices and Community Life Experience.

Position Description:

The position of Program and Training Coordinator is to be the Primary Contact with the Muskingum County Board of Developmental for Coordination of Services and Supports and to plan and or provide the Agencies Annual Training Requirements; Individual or Home Training to be compliant with Provider Certification; and Training to remain current with practice and philosophy or meet the individual need of a person supported by MRI. Balancing of Home Financial Ledgers.


  1. Develop and maintain a solid understanding of DoDD rules and regulations governing Licensed Homes Services and HCBWS.
  2. Completes assessment of needs for each person choosing MRI as their Provider at admission and at least annually thereafter. Assessments include those associated with the Waiver Process such as the Developmental Disabilities Profile (DDP).
  3. Attend ISP and other meetings as requested/directed.
  4. Makes recommendations to the Team regarding service and supports needed, Action Planning and Outcome development.
  5. Works cooperatively with the Individual, Guardians, Family, others identified by the individual, and other providers.
  6. Develops, revises, implements documentation forms for ISP and HCBW services.
  7. Provides training to all DSPs involved with the delivery of ISP services supports and maintains documentation of the training.
  8. Works with the DSPH Mgr, RN, DSP to identify needed training and develops or seeks out providers of the identified training(s).
  9. Monitors implementation of services and supports identified in the individual’s ISP; identifies and corrects problems or concerns identified through monitoring. Works with the DSPH Mgr. and Director to resolve or make changes suggested.
  10. Reviews, updates and changes documentation forms in the homes at least monthly or at redetermination or revision of the ISP.
  11. Completes a quarterly review of ISP services supports making recommendations as indicated by the data reviewed or interest of the individual.
  12. Coordinated activities within the home to assure individuals are participating in the activities with consideration and input of their interests, Outcomes, and community inclusion on incorporating a person centered approach.
  13. Completes any required documentation related to implementation of any HCBW Service provided.
  14. Participate in the orientation process for all new DSPs.
  15. In Coordination with the DSPH Mgr. provides develops training to implement ISP Supports, services and all aspects support and care including, but not limited to personal care, nutritional needs, implementation of Action Plans designed to achieve an Outcome and all support(s) delineated in the Individuals Plan. Training can be formal or informal.
  16. Maintains the staff training records in compliance with MRI practice.
  17. Provided regular feedback about interactions with individuals and support provided incorporating a person centered approach to assure individuals are heard and listened to assure there are more “Good Days” than “Bad”.
  18. Participate as an active member of the Team, making recommendations regarding supports and changes requested or needed.
  19. As directed by the Director; participates in records review, monitoring and assure all documentation is complete and accurate.
  20. Serve as a good Role Model for individuals and all MRI staff by displaying courtesy and respect to all at all times to all people present and not present.
  21. Review the home ledgers of the individual’s finances and bring any discrepancies to the DSP HMgr. and or Office Manager. Create and maintain an atmosphere of encouragement and support for all individuals. Role Model – Encourage – Motivate


  • Three years working with people who have a developmental disability. Program Coordination, residential services or activity recreation coordinator much preferred.
  • Post High School training in a Human Service field, Person Centered Services, Trauma Informed Care, familiar with the County Board System and function of the SSA position, required High School Diploma or GED (experience in lieu of post secondary schooling considered).
  • Must have a current Ohio drivers license and be insurable under the Agency Automobile insurance policy.
  • Strong Leader comfortable supervising directly - being fair, firm and consistent.
  • Ability to accept and maintain a positive attitude especially addressing change and be a positive change agent.
  • Creative, able to see past “that is who they are” to encourage in positive change; understanding the importance of To and For implementing change and assisting the individual to make informed decisions;
  • Ability to provide and accept criticism in a calm and professional manner. To incorporate the information received to better the supports or relationship.
  • Should have a working knowledge of the rules and regulations that govern the service and supports of HCB Waiver Services and DoDD Licensure and Provider Certification. The work schedule will be flexible to meet the needs of the Agency.
  • Typical Work schedule is Monday thru Friday 9 - 5 (hours can be changed to accommodate the interests and activities of the home); 12 hours on weekends a month to monitor services and/or provide leadership role modeling support for PLANNED activities in the home or community.
  • Additional time can be allocated to the homes or an individual if primary duties are complete and up to date.
  • To familiarize the person hired with the people, staff and routines of the homes they will do 15 hours a week in the homes for the first three weeks following the completion of Orientation.
  • May be required to attending meetings or trainings that fall outside of the typical schedule.
  • In the event of any Emergency may be required to provide or step in as a DSP.

Travel Involved:

Around town and in the community, no extended travel or overnights anticipated.


Hourly up to $17.00hr based on experience and training...Negotiable. Health Insurance available for FT employees with a minimal staff expense for the Insurance $50 a month, Life Insurance, PTO accrual after 90 probation 160 hrs a year, increases with length of employment, 7 Paid Holidays. Bonuses.

Position Location:

1900 Montgomery Avenue
Zanesville, OH  43701

For more information, please contact: 

Matthew Nobile
(740) 586-6681

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