Direct Support Professional

Muskingum Residentials, Inc.

MRI operates DoDD Licensed homes providing support for Individuals that have chosen to make an MRI home their home and or choice for Respite Services. The Services and Supports provided are included in the Individuals Ohio Individual Support Plan (OISP). Mission: Working Towards a Brighter Future Vision: To be the Provider and Employer of choice. MRI Strives to be a Person Centered Agency; we will work with you to work the hours and schedule you prefer with the overriding focus on the operation staffing of the homes.

Position Description:

The purpose of your job as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) is to provide direct support services to Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (DD) who has chosen Muskingum Residentials Inc. (MRI) as their provider of services The OISP specifies the Services, Supports and Outcomes for an Individual. It is you responsibility to implement the plan as written, document the services/support, provide feedback with regard to progress and new learning and suggest revision or changes to the plan through the Team Planning Process. As a Direct Support Professional, you are responsible for maintaining the quality of support provided and maintain a safe and clean home; incorporating Person Center Practices Your direct supervision will be provided by DSP Home Manager with additional support from the Program and Training Coordinator and Registered Nurse.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist each individual with daily personal hygiene and care.
  2. Assures each individual is neat, clean and dressed appropriately for the day, events, activities and weather.
  3. Assist each individual in completing housekeeping chores as specified in their OISP or to maintain the home.
  4. Assist individuals in following dietary recommendations and restriction as pertinent to an Individual.
  5. Plan and lead leisure activities consistent with an individuals’ interests and/or delineated in an individual’s OISP by providing new and novel activities to develop new interests, hobbies and take advantage of the opportunities of the community and surrounding area is strongly encouraged. (although our mission to provide activities and experience in the community, with people that are not associated with the DD system; at NO Time should family members of staff or employees from other homes not on shift be hanging around the homes distracting scheduled staff from their Primary Responsibility being the supervision and engagement).
  6. Provide behavioral support as needed following a prescribed behavior support plan developed for an Individual. Staff cannot implement restrictions that are not part of a plan in response to a behavior displayed, as punishment or coercion.
  7. Accompany individuals to medical appointments as directed; taking with them the information necessary or requested by the medical provider and having the Appointment Follow Up Form completed.
  8. Inform the HMgr, Mgr on Call or RN of any change in the individual’s condition, including complaints illness, discomfort or observed change in physical or emotional status.
  9. Follow established procedures and protocols in the event of any medical emergency. In doubt whether an event is a medical emergency 911 should be called for evaluation.
  10. If the DSP is Certified to provide Medication Administration; assist an individual with taking their medication as delineated in the OISP.
  11. Provide Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBW) Services identified in the OISP that may include but not limited to, Homemaker Personal Care, HPC Transportation (Medical-ATN), Transportation to Day Service or Work (Non Medical-ATB), Respite.
  12. Implement the Action Plan to achieve the Outcomes of an Individuals OISP.
  13. Attend ISP meetings and other meetings as requested related to the development and review of the OISP.
  14. Provide recommendations for program services and supports in line with the interest (Important To – For) of an Individual to enhance quality of life, community participation, health and welfare.
  15. Role Model, Encourage, Mentor social skills to create and maintain an atmosphere to engage and motivate participation in supports and activities provided (REM-Role Model, Encourage, Motivate).
  16. Establish and maintain a friendly and home like atmosphere for all.
  17. Be a Positive Role Model of respect, courtesy, communication, positive interaction, problem resolution, social skills and work ethic.
  18. Communicate with Family, Friends and with respect and honesty being cognizant of what the individual is comfortable with us sharing and with whom. This could be specific to the situation or topic. If you are unsure of what can and should be shared with; defer to the Home Manager, Program and Training Coordinator, Director.
  19. Any information new information or concerns shared with you by family, friends or socially (social media) should be brought to the HMgrs. attention. If this is an immediate concern and the HMgr. is not available contact the Mgr. On Call or RN.


Experience One year of experience working with people with DD or a related field preferred but not required.

Specific Requirements:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand the English language with proficiency to be understood by others and comprehend what others are communicating verbally and in written or with individuals that may not use words as their primary mode of communication.
  3. Must be able to cope with the mental and emotional stress required to maintain good professional judgment to address ongoing and novel concerns that may occur throughout the day.
  4. Possess the ability to tactfully address and discuss concerns with an Individual, family, friends, peers and personnel for other agencies, the CB of DD, government or oversight agencies and the general public.
  5. The ability to work independently and at time and make independent decisions.
  6. The ability to work harmoniously, with other professional and non professional staff and those that enter the home environment, as a role model to the individuals.
  7. Possess the ability to plan, organize, develop and interpret the supports, Outcomes, policies and procedures, etc. that are necessary to implement the ISP, including activities in and outside the home to maintain a level of engagement and interest to provide a “good day” and limit “bad days”.
  8. Be Cheerful, patient, and enthusiastic.
  9. Be a positive role model in all aspects of personal and social interactions.
  10. Present a positive attitude toward work and responsibility and not talk disparagingly, belittlingly or negatively about the home, work or others.

Physical Requirements:

  1. The ability to be active and on the move throughout your shift.
  2. May be working shift up to 16 hours.
  3. Possess adequate sight and hearing or use adaptive equipment (prosthetics) to see and hear adequately to provide oversight, monitoring and supervision, in order to meet the supervision levels of the Individuals you are working with.
  4. The ability to lift 70 lbs. in order to lift or transfer those that may need assistance to transfer or walk and have a limited ability to bear weight fully or at all or propel wheelchairs up and down grades.
  5. The ability to get on the floor and back up from the floor to assist people that have fallen or perform first aid/CPR.
  6. The stamina to go up and down stairs throughout your day; to walk up to a mile to participate in activities in the community or attend any variety of appointment or activities that occur in an individual’s daily life.
  7. The ability to participate in physical activity, participate in active games and to lead and participate outdoor activities.

MRI's homes are staffed 24 hours a day. We will work with to accommodate your personal schedule and preferences...HOWEVER the operation of the home is our focus and there are times when you may be required to fill in due to a call off or emergency. As a DSP you will not be able to leave the home till your replacement has arrived.

Travel Involved:

Around Zanesville and surrounding area to attend appointments, shop, participate in recreational and leisure activities. There may be time you would be required to travel to Columbus OH for appointments.


Starting hourly wage $14. Increase to $15 when probation is successfully completed.

Position Location:

P. O. Box 2415
Zanesville, OH  43702                                                                                                                                      

For more information, please contact: 

Matthew Nobile
(740) 453-5350




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